Corroded Panels

Corroded Electrical PanelAre you having power go out intermittently? Are some lights and receptacles working in some rooms while others are not? Are some outlets going out randomly, then coming back on again?

You may have a problem with corrosion at the meter main distribution panel outside.

Our salty air combined with humidity causes the aluminum wire connections at the panels to collect salt crystals and break down the conductive wires and termination points, causing weak conductivity or a break altogether. This could be a fire hazard. There could be a hot spot from an electrical arc or exposed live wires, not just the lights going out.

Solution? After determining that indeed the problem is the above with a diagnostic check; first, we need to call the utility company and have an on-call service man to come out and turn off the power coming in from the pole. Next, one of our licensed electricians will be there to clean off the metal parts inside the meter panel box. He will scrub the corroded aluminum electrical metal parts with a wire brush, cover the metal with a special spray to inhibit future corrosion, and then apply an antioxidant material to the jaws of the meter clips and wire screw down points. Finally, tighten everything up and have the utility man plug the meter back in.

Now that should do it.


Safe wiring inspection

Take a few minutes to look for and correct electrical hazards in your home. It does not take too long to check the insulation on a table lamp cord, check for the correct wattage light bulbs and install a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Take the time. It will prevent an electrical safety hazard and save you and your loved ones lives.

Unsafe conditions such as overloaded circuits and damaged insulation as well as the misuse of extension cords and electrical devices create fire hazards and may result in serious electrical injury.

Studies of residential electrical fires show that the majority of serious fires could have easily been avoided. The conditions that caused the fires probably would have been detected by an electrical inspection. These problems were not detected or corrected because no inspections had been made for several years. In a number of cases homes ranging from 30 to 100 years old had not been inspected since they were built. A safety inspection should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician.

One good tip to determine when your electrical system was last inspected is to examine the door and cover of your electrical panel. The panel should contain a label or tag with a date, a signature, or initials on it. If there is more than one date, the most recent one should be the date of the last inspection. DO NOT remove the service-panel cover. This is a job for a qualified electrician. If the date is older than ten years, its time for a inspection and correction of any problems that show.

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