Solar Power

Solar Panels

Concerned about the rising cost of electricity?

Interested making your more home energy independent?  Want to decrease  your impact on the environment of our island? Let us help you move into the exciting lifestyle of Solar Energy!

We have a Kauai electrician that can help you save money on your electrical bill and get free electric power from the sun and wind!

He was a huge help designing my off-grid solar system. From the creative green circuit panel, to the roof top solar array…I highly recommend him for any electrical job!

–Charlie F., Kapaa

We are dedicated to keeping Kauai beautiful by bringing clean, reliable, and affordable renewable electrical energy technology to homes and businesses.

Green circuits and energy savings:

  • HVAC Energy Management
  • Solar Electric Photovoltaic
  • Electric Car Charging Stations
  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Wind Turbine Power

Want a solar system now, but can’t afford whole house coverage?

Consider installing a smaller Photovoltaic (PV Solar) system (2kW) to reduce costs upfront now, but leave room for expansion later!

For example, let us put your ceiling fans, refrigerator, and some lights on solar dedicated power, backed up by batteries for when the utility is down.  Use only your basic needs.  Call us for more information on this reduced cost way of going solar!

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